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The Best LED Lights for Gaming Rooms

Aug 13, 2023

Adding some awesome RGB LED lights to a space can elevate the gaming experience. These are some of the best LED lights for gaming rooms.

There’s no doubt that lighting makes gaming rooms look cool, as nearly every Twitch streamer has proven. For gamers who prefer to play without an audience, LED lights in a game room can be as simple as adding some backlighting or a bigger investment of smart LED wall lights.

From bright and energizing to warm and cozy to completely customizable, gamers can really make their space their own with the right LED lights. The catch? There are thousands of products to sift through online – some worthwhile and others not so much. The best LED lights for gaming rooms let gamers give their space a character of its own with ease and at an affordable price.

The Govee Light Bars are a pair of LED lights that can be used almost anywhere. Made of tough plastic and RGBICWW technology, these lights can display 16 million different colors. They can also sync with music and be voice controlled through Alexa or Google. Completely customizable, these medium lights are a great fit anywhere, but especially in gaming rooms.

Govee seems to have taken the gaming world by storm with their wide array of RGB lighting products, so it’s no surprise that their smart LED light bars are the best LED lights for gaming rooms overall. Though some of their other offerings target specific functions, such as dynamic panel lighting, these light bars are special precisely because they can be used almost anywhere.

The wide bases allow the lights to be used horizontally or vertically, either on a flat surface or mounted to the back of a screen. Each light is 10.5-inches tall, making them most ideal for screens up to 45-inches wide – well beyond most PC screens. As the name implies, these Govee lights work with Google and Alexa, as well as with the Govee Home app. Though they don’t have any camera-based light mirroring like some of Govee's other light bar sets, the two pack is available for under $50.

The Govee Smart LED Light Bars are the top pick for LED lights in a gaming room because they offer the most versatility, effectiveness, and the best pricing.

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The Kasa Smart LED Light Strip is an affordable yet powerful smart light that can connect to both Amazon and Google voice controls. The lights also feature customization up to 16 million colors with high brightness & saturation, advanced animated lighting effects, and the flexibility to bend and cut the strip to fit any needs. The customizability is awesome, with timers and scheduled changes easy to set. Users can even can group multiple Kasa devices together to suit different activities like gaming or a movie night. Smart Actions allows sequences, so users can have the lights turn on in response to motion detection.

The Kasa smart LED light strip is the best set of LEDs under $25. Extremely flexible and easy to attach, these lights are perfect for backlighting screens and underlighting on desks or shelves. Although when the lights are on they aren't much to look at, they do offer ample lighting in nearly any color imaginable. The adhesive side can be attached to smooth surfaces and give off almost heat at all.

Compatible with Alexa and Google along with the Kasa app, users can have ultimate control with their phone or voice at any time. Each pack comes with 16.4 feet of LEDS, making it a cost-effective way to add lots of customizable lighting to any space.

The Govee Outdoor String Lights offer multicolor displays and a convenient timer function with a number of convenient functions controlled either through the Govee app, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa.Built with durable materials, these outdoor string lights can avoid water damage from mild splashes or rain. Plus, the plastic bulbs won't shatter if accidentally dropped.These awesome lights are perfect for standard lighting on a porch or patio, or for parties and special occasions in nearly any outdoor setting!

Accent lighting is a must-have in some gaming spaces, and it’s the perfect job for LED string lights. Govee once again takes the top spot with their string of RGB globe lights. They do have a slightly larger up-front cost compared to similar lights, but they come in 50-foot sets and can be controlled remotely through voice commands or phone apps. Meant for outdoor use, the lights are extremely durable and bright while still offering a handful of fun lighting modes, including music-syncing.

Players in large rooms will especially enjoy these LED lights, as they offer plenty of length to decorate with and can seamlessly sync with audio from TVs and speakers using an embedded mic system. The smooth globe shape of the lights are simple enough to fit in most rooms too. During other activities, they can be changed to a plain white light or turned off altogether and fade into the background.

The Logitech Litra Glow is a premium streaming light made for creators specifically. Built with a three-way monitor mount, this light can easily be attached to top of a PC screen during live streams. This LED light offers soft, even light across content creators' faces, avoiding pesky shadows and other image distortion. Powered by USB-C and featuring a compact design, this streaming LED light is perfect for even the busiest gaming desktops.

Gaming streamers need a lot of equipment in order to be successful online, and showing their face clearly is an important part of growing an audience. Logitech’s Litra Glow Premium is one of the best ring lights on the market right now – and for good reason.

This compact light conveniently fits on top of screens and can be charged using USB-C. The matte light diffuses even light across streamers, ensuring a high-quality stream, regardless of the rest of the lighting. The Litra Glow is made specifically for creators. As such, it is super easy to use right out of the box with the controls on the back for quick adjustments. With a mid-range price, most streamers would do well to have the Logitech Litra Glow lighting their lives.

The Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp is a bright and vibrant floor lamp with tons of customization options available. With millions of colors to choose from and easy controls through Alexa, Google, and the Govee Home app, users can make a space feel as warm or cool as they want! Ideal for large areas, this standing smart light allows for each segment of the lamp to be adjusted on the fly. Plus, with music syncing, this light is ready to party on through games, movies, and other media.

It can be tough to find a good compromise between gaming decor and standard home decor, especially for gamers who play in a shared space. The Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp is that perfect compromise, offering all styles of lighting within a single package. This tall floor lamp can be used with Alexa, Google, and the Govee Home app to have each segment of light changed to match the current mood.

The smart light can really brighten a space, similar to more traditional lamps, though in larger spaces two or more lamps may be needed. Music syncing is available to have the lighting match audio coming from other devices, as well as a handful of pre-programmed effects. The Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp is perfect for gamers looking for a simple and elegant gaming light solution.

The Philips Hue LED Smart bulb is an awesome smart bulb with a wide compatibility. Connect to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, through the companion app, or simply with the provided remote and control the mood of any space. With 16 million colors to choose from and dozens of customization options, this smart light bulb is one of the best in the business.

For gamers who really want to coordinate their homes, there’s no better way than with the best smart LED light, the Phillips Hue. This light bulb is much more expensive than a lot of the competition, but it earns its keep through a host of great features. First and foremost, the light bulb can fit into most modern fixtures. Most existing lights in a gamer's house can have their bulb replaced by the Phillips Hue.

Once installed, it’s just a few steps to create a network of lighting using Alexa, Google, Apple, or the Hue Bridges app on any Bluetooth device. Users can then set up schedules, connect to motion sensors, sync the lights with consoles and other media devices, and basically customize the light however they want. The bulb is incredibly durable and responsive, with some of the best reviews of any smart light bulb. Gamers looking for a new LED light that will last through future tech upgrades without being too much work to deal with should just pick up a pack of the Phillips Hue.

The Govee Smart LED Light Bars are the best LED lights for gaming rooms thanks to their superb design. These lights come in pairs of two and are built to surround gaming screens either horizontally, vertically, or even mounted on the back. The Govee Smart LED Light Bars are available for under $50, which is an incredible price for a set of smart lights. Able to connect with both Alexa and Google, plus offering its own control app, players can customize their room lighting at any time to either suit their mood or sync with their music of choice.

The Govee Light Bars are a pair of LED lights that can be used almost anywhere. Made of tough plastic and RGBICWW technology, these lights can display 16 million different colors. They can also sync with music and be voice controlled through Alexa or Google. Completely customizable, these medium lights are a great fit anywhere, but especially in gaming rooms.

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LED lights can help players immerse themselves in their game more fully, especially when the lights can sync to their game's audio.

Blue is the best LED light for gamers, as the blue light is less harsh on eyes and offers a nice moodiness that can help boost focus on brighter game screens.

Styling a gaming room can be tough, but most rooms can be greatly improved with bright and customizable lighting, gaming accessories that fit a player's unique aesthetic, and a few non-gaming accessories from favorite franchises, such as figures or posters.

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